Building a Future of Sustainable Innovation

n2 Group connects established, mission-driven technology companies to cultivate an ecosystem of shared growth and lasting success. Our patient approach focuses on long-term value, not short-term gains.


With no outside investors, we commit to reinvesting profits to support our companies. Our model ensures earnings stay within the group.

Patient Capital 

We take a partnership approach focused on strategic growth without unrealistic short-term expectations.

Strategic Acquisitions 

We acquire established tech companies that share our mission-based purpose and values. By removing common constraints, we help them achieve their full potential.

Innovation Management 

We facilitate collaboration and idea-sharing to spark true innovation across our companies.

Strategic Marketing 

We help companies understand their markets and plan strategies to deliver long-term client value.

Operations Support 

We provide back-office services so our companies can stay focused on innovating and growing.

Winner of the inaugural NAG HPC Student Award

NAG is thrilled to announce Thomas Lane Cassell as the winner of the inaugural NAG HPC Student Award. Thomas achieved the highest performance on the HPC course at the University of Bristol. Joint runner-up prizes are awarded to Josh C. and Rob Jones. Congratulations all! We look forward to following your future successes in whatever comes next. Learn more
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